Saturday, December 29, 2007

The New Year

I dread the dawn of every new year. I feel obliged to join the bandwagon and make a list of resolutions I know I wont be able to keep. Of course when I make these resolutions - or my wildest dreams as my sane mind calls them - I always see myself fulfilling all these resolutions and being acclaimed for it. According to a survey about 80% of the world's population make a standard resolution every year - to lose weight. And I'm def one of that 80%. Obviously I never manage to fulfill this one (or many of the other ones for that matter). Last year, I had a very good reason for this - I was pregnant and was due in April. So had a perfect excuse for not working out. I couldn't possibly think about losing weight when i was pregnant, could I? I would wait till I had my baby. The Gods were kind -I had a C section so I had to take complete rest for 3 months after delivery. Wuhuuuuu!!! But damn those 3 months just flew by. After that the excuses ran out, but by then I was just too lazy to do anything. So I kidded myself into believing that since I was breast feeding I could eat all I wanted to and I wouldn't put on any weight. I realized how much I had fooled myself only when I stepped on the scales 6 months after my delivery and found that I had gained 20 kilos more than my pre pregnancy weight.
Anyway, as this new year rolls around I have kept to tradition and made my usual resolution - but this time I intend to stick to it (I can see my mum and husband rolling their eyes)...and I intend to record all the gory details of my attempt to reach my ideal weight, which is a good 30 kilos away. Another change from my usual dieting sprees is that this time round I intend to do it the healthy way - by eating smaller portions of healthy food and by (gasp!) exercising. I actually felt a chill go up my spine as I wrote those words...

Being a mummy

Full time Mummy!!