Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A prayer

Hi Ambatty...Please don't show me and my baby Jaguar any bad dreams...Ok Ambatty...Act like a shield and push away all my bad dreams...Do you know what a shield is Ambatty? It is the one that Elo uses...u know on Disney Junior? Ok Great Ambatty! Please let me see only good dreams and be able to sleep well and wake up fresh so that I can go to school and play with Smee and Sharky! Do you know Smee and Sharky Ambatty...please act like a shield for their bad dreams also!
Ok Ambatty...Good night...sleep tight...Don't let the bed bugs bite! I know Amma told me that bed bugs only come on old beds because they are sweet...and this bed is new...but if bed bugs come, please stop them. Acha is old, but he is not a please don't send bed bugs on him!

Ok Ambatty...Great please be nocturnal and look at my bad dreams. I love you Ambatty and also my Amma! Amma, when you pray please make sure you invite Ambatty to my Christmas Story assembly OK! Goodnight!

N's nightly ritual! With all the clarifications to God and the confirmations this takes a good 15mins or more...but is always hilarious although I try my level best not to laugh! On some days he even commends God on a job well done - a night without bad dreams!!

Being a mummy

Full time Mummy!!