Monday, June 7, 2010

The Ah-ha moment

Everyone talks about the AH-HA moment when everything falls into perspective and you feel you need to change your life around. Well mine was last Friday-at an indoor playground with my son. After being asked by son a million times to accompany him through the tunnels and up the swinging ropes and down the slides, I finally put my inhibitions aside and jumped right in. After about 15mins I was sweating buckets and feeling every muscle in my body. But I carried on as I didnt want to disspoint my little guy. After about 2 hours - my body just screaming at me to stop. It was like my body was telling me-there is a reason why people take baby steps while excercising. You don't sit on your butt for ages and then suddenly run a marathon and expect it to be cake walk. Ofcourse even after 5hours of non-stop play my 3year old was as energetic as ever.

Well needless to say I spent most of the weekend in bed or on the couch recovering from a bad back. That's when I knew I have had it. I can't be the lazy mum anymore-not when my son loves the active life. And as if I needed further motivation to step on the treadmill, my brother-in-law sent me his amazing transformation pics(the guy went from a size 40 to a size 34 jeans in less than a year-well done bro) and I knew this was a sign. If he can do it, then so can I.

So have decided to do the following and take "baby steps" towards a more healthy active life:

1. Stop eating like there is a famine around the corner...I can polish off a whole lot of food, and sometimes I am not even aware of it.

2. Will indulge in some icecream once a month, but otherwise sugar takes a back seat. Have to make myself believe I can have that ice cream once in a while.

3. The only way to lose my "ever pregnant" looking tummy is to eat right and do cardio. Apparently I can do all the sit ups in the world and without cardio it doesn't make any diff. So going to work out for an hour on a daily basis.

4. For every excuse I make to not excercise, I find one for why I should...and right now my most solid one is "for my son". It's diff to find one to top that-just yet.

Hopefully by March 2011, I will have reached my ideal weight.


Hayaah said...

fellow blogger!
I is pleased to have found you ;)

U write... Oh how u write!

Looking forward to reading more posts :)


Laxmi Gopa said...

Thanks Sweets...will try to be more regular.

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