Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sleeping Beauty and the Prince!

Was in bed trying my level best to get rid of the headache, who was turning into a constant companion. Just as I was drifting away into the lovely world of slumber, heard my son pushing his rickety truck down the hallway towards the bedroom. Was about to call out to the husband and ask him to stop this racket, but realised I didn't have the energy. So I drifted back to sleep.
Woke up all of a sudden to sweet kiss being planted on my forehead. My son stood there, concern writ all over his face. When I opened my eyes he said - Ma, you are Sleeping beauty and I'm Prince Changu...wake up!
I know kisses don't cure headaches, but mine was completely gone. I realised that it is days like this that make being a mother totally worthwhile...and there is no greater way to be woken up than with a kiss of a loved one.

PS: also realised that not only did that kiss of his wake me up from my sleep, it also revived my blog from a sure death. The powers a 4 year old has!!


Mythili Kannan said...

Sid wakes me up every day with his lovely word "Amma I Love You". Yes, a great way to start a day for me :)

Laxmi Gopa said...

Thanks for commenting here Amuukutty...being a blogger urself I'm sure u understand how nice it is when people comment on the blog.

Vinita Santhosh said...

nice to see u back after a long gap! Changu sure is a sweety..

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